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  • Fight Club 10 Round Circuit Training changes lives. 

  • Real Kickboxing, Boxing, Fitness Drills & Weight Training - Always different, Never Boring! 

  • An incredible 40-minute workout! 

  • 3-minute rounds with a 1-minute break

  • All Fitness Levels learn and enjoy this workout. Every round can be modified for each level. 

  • We want you to be successful and thrive helping others with this program. Christina Rondeau has been a leader in the Fitness Industry and has over 32 years experience.

  • Community - Family - Team 

    Contact us today for ownership licensee pricing and availabilities. 401-996-5425 -

book cover cr real kickboxing for fitness .png

Leadership - Experience
Support - Professional Training 


Promotions that will fill your Facility

A licensed fitness program
that you can afford. 

We want you in communities because Fight Club - 10 Round Circuit Training 

Changes Lives !


We make a difference, 
and we want you to Succeed! 

Mind - Body - Soul 

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