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What is Fight Club - 10 Rounds of Circuit Training?  

It is an Exciting & Energy filled 10 Round Circuit that includes: Kickboxing, Boxing, Weight Training and Fitness Drills. 


Your RKB Coach will guide you through 10 circuit training rounds following the 3 minute bell with 1 minute breaks. You will work at each station for 3 minutes then move to the next station. 

This is an individual, 40 minute Full Body Workout,  that will keep you motivated and every time you go in it will be different and you will never be bored!


The RKB Coaches are trained to modify and motivate you at your own pace. We welcome all Fitness Levels, if you haven't worked out in years then this is the perfect workout for you! 

Do you need a Reservation? 

NO .... Just show up during our Open Hours & Workout! 
Monday - Friday 8:00am-11am 
Monday - Thursday 4pm - 7pm 
Saturday 8am-12noon 

Sunday closed 

*just note if we close at 11am you want to start your workout at 10:20am & 6:20pm when we close at 7pm. 

1408 Atwood Ave. 
Johnston, RI 02919

401.996.5425 /


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