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A Book of Poetry: Life


A Book of Poetry: Life consists of ten short, poignant sections intertwined, as they are in life itself: Birth, Life, Sex, Violence, Work, Education, Fear, Children, Love, and Death.  Each section presents its own opportunity for reflection and meditation; together, the sections form a sound take on the life of a twenty-first century American woman poet. Read. Reflect. Enjoy.


Like a rich cadre of American women poets before her, River Stone creates the poems in "A Book of Poetry: Life" out of the essence of her being, sharing with her readers her most intimate feelings and moments as well as her raw, pure reactions to life as it unfolds around her.  River Stone’s work reminds one of the canons of the Confessional Poets Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton.

Terry Novak, Ph.D. Professor, English Johnson & Wales University




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