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Explore the world of River Stone through her poetry, short stories and her novels featuring the amazing character of "Roxy Gold." River has been known to touch on some sensitive subjects and brings topics alive such as Teen Sex and Same Sex relationships. 

The Book of Poetry: Life 



A Book of Poetry: Life consists of ten short, poignant sections intertwined, as they are in life itself: Birth, Life, Sex, Violence, Work, Education, Fear, Children, Love, and Death. Each section presents its own opportunity for reflection and meditation; together, the sections form a sound take on the life of a twenty-first century American woman poet.

Curiosity in the Closet 

ISBN/EAN13-1512085065 / 9781512085068

River Stone's Curiosity in the Closet follows suit with the raw, honest confessional style of poetry she introduces in A Book of Poetry: Life. This latest volume particularly examines with both tender and brutal honesty the depths of love and sexuality revealed in one woman's life experiences. The reader of Curiosity in the Closet is treated to an autobiographical poignancy and intimate celebration of the sensual. Delving into this volume is also delving into the soul of the poet. 
Embrace and enjoy. This book also includes tasteful full page color photos.


Teen Sex: Raw & Real 

With the heart of a mother deeply concerned about the accelerated sexual mores of contemporary times and with the soul of a woman keenly attuned to the struggles of others, River Stone brings refreshing honesty and candor to the readers of Teen Sex: Raw and Real. Parents will appreciate the information River Stone provides and will also find themselves nodding in recognition as River Stone shares her own experiences with her children and their sexual curiosity. This should be required reading for every parent of a teen or pre-teen. Teen Sex: Raw and Real offers parents practical assistance in guiding their children through this delicate time of their development. 

The Adventures of Roxy Gold 
Sun, Sea & Murder 


Take a break from life and go on an Adventure with Roxy Gold. This spicy female will give you a run for your money as you encounter all the twists and turns of her life from her work to relationships there is never a dull moment. Roxy Gold sets off to find out if a clients fiance is cheating or not and ends up a hot mess on a dance floor face to face with him, after a few drinks Roxy isn't always the best decision maker and well.... read the book and find out! 




The Adventures of Roxy Gold 
Lost in the City 



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