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Our Mission

We share positive reviews from personal travele experiences with destinations, businesses, people and brands. 

* Raw & Honest Travel Reviews

* Personal Travel Feedback

* Useful Information to maximize
your next trip experience! 

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Hidden Gems

Most people when traveling will begin their journey and venture just to their destination. Once at their destination most travelers will visit the "major attractions' and completley miss out on what the path to their vacation spot has to offer. The Review Guru does just the opposite. No matter our mode of transportation we seek out what each city or town may have to offer along the way. Every experience no matter how small it may seem will leave a lasting impression on your journey. 

Shops & Boutiques

Have you ever been out of town and realized that you have forgotten something important? Or want to purchase a little memento from your trip only to find every store has the same thing as every other store? The Review Guru makes it a point to locate the most unique and endearing little shops and boutiques to find that distinctive treasure or unique experience. It's more about the personalitites of the people and the welcoming atmosphere than the physical place itslef when searching for Guru approved shops and boutiques.  

 Palate Pleasers

Everyone needs to eat while adventuring.  The Review Guru makes it our mission to locate the less ordinary restaurants, coffee houses and cafes. We believe that the personal touch and unique character are what really matter. A relaxing and personal experience adds to the enjoyment of doing something you have to do anyway, eat. 

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