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As an experienced business owners with a combined experience of over 60 years experience running successful businesses. Christina & Deb love to travel and have offered tons of free advice to a lot of businesses in their travels. They have recieved countless feedback regarding their tips, tricks, marketing and coaching that they have offered.


The Review Guru was created realizing that business owners needed help that was affordable and realistic for them. Most business owners said that they couldn't afford expensive PR Firms or agencies that offered what they needed and therefore where left with no help in the areas needed. Marketing has changed and social media is another job for most owners. The Review Guru will help businesses find the simplest solutions for their business so they can stay connected to their customers and gain new ones. The Review Guru will teach you how to do that with a click of a button and how to do it quickly so you don't have to spend hours and hours a day with social markerting. 


The Review Guru will experience your business and learn about you and what you offer. We give you a plan of ACTION! Making it clear and helping you take action so you will be at the top of your industry. Everyone needs a little help so let The Review Guru help you. 

Watkin Glens State Park NY
Finger Lakes NY
Montage Italian Restaurant NY
Gorgeous View Motel NY
Seneca Lake Pier NY
Seneca Lake NY
Chequaga Waterfall NY

All positive reviews are posted on The Review Guru website. We have over a million visitors and growing that read our World Famous Reviews and see photos and videos we post from our experience at your business. 


If you recieved a Famous "Guru" Approved stamp of approval you will recieve a sticker to proudly display in your business along with an email that will include your review that is sent out to all our social media links/sites and a "Guru" approved image you can add to your website or marketing material to say that you have been "Guru" approved. 


Congratulations on being "Guru" Approved
This just gave you priceless marketing and tells the world that you are a fabulous business. Look for the email and image so you can add it on your web and marketing material asap! 

If you are NOT "Guru" Approved the Invite us in! We would LOVE to Review your business and make a video of our experience for you to use for FREE! Just send us an email inviting us to your place of business or to meet you to see your product or service that you offer!  




and let us review your business so it is
"GURU" Approved! 


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