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We offer you reasonable rates to help your business be successfull. Every business should have a website page that offers the public information and social media links. Let us do the work for you and you can focus on running your business. 

Website Design  

Yes you can afford a website and YOU NEED a website. Let us create a website for you that you can afford and will help your business get the online presence it needs. Most people ask for web addresses not phone numbers these days and having a website to give them even the most basic information about your business is very important to your success.


Check out some of our websites that we have created. We do use software that offers free hosting that allows you to save money on the hosting fee. If you don't mind the pop up from wix on your site then we don't mind you not paying the hosting fee. Our fee is entirely for our time creating and designing your website with you. We will also help you purchase your domain name if you don't have one already. All websites come with an automatic mobile website that anyone can open on their smart phones or tablets. Don't wait email or call us today to get started.



We will create an exciting video for you to use on your social media pages and/or website. We will also review your business through a video review and list it on our You Tube Travel & Review Show and send it out to all of our social media links. This is another great affordable service we offer you to help you become successfull! Contact us today and let's get you scheduled in! 

Coaching & Consulting 

We will experience your business as a consumer and offer you real coaching advice and consulting. We offer you coaching and consulting as needed and we don't sign any of our customers into any contracts. We want you to be successfull. 

"Guru" Approved Reviews

If you recieved a Famous "Guru" Approved stamp of approval you will recieve a sticker to proudly display in your business along with an email that will include your review that is sent out to all our social media links/sites and a "Guru" approved image you can add to your website or marketing material to say that you have been "Guru" approved. 

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